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Body type: Works out but loves Afang.

N. F. Kenure


Body type: Works out but loves Afang.


I’ve had the best holiday. I’m not even going to try to layer it in a humble brag. I ate like my spirit animal, a pig, and I haven’t worked out in six weeks, well, except for 15 sorry-ass push-ups one time.


It was wonderful to not think about such awful words like calories or diet. If I wanted it, I ate it. I was literally pouring butter and cheese on everything. And the alcohol! Lord did it feel good.


I have to get back at it in a week though. My holiday is officially over and my “season” begins this Wednesday.




I’ve been working out consistently for a few years now and I’ve developed a cycle that works for me. It’s a lazy one but hey, it certainly works.


In August, I begin working out. I like to start small but with cardio. It’s easier to get into cardio. For me, it’s mindless. I will run every other day or swim if my hair allows it.  When running gets boring, maybe I’ll do a P90x series. By September, I’m itching to get back into a gym because cardio is boring but lifting heavy is amazing.


Because it’s September and I’m still working on my harmattan body, I don’t go crazy or anything.

I work out three to four days a week and still eat pretty much whatever I want, which at this stage is pounded yam and afang every afternoon. It gets crazy in January though.


In January, it’s time to get serious. I intensify my workouts even as I vary my lifting days with boxing classes, aerobics, and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). By March, I’m working out five days a week AND dieting- because abs. For abs, you really have to understand and be in control of everything that you put in your mouth.

Once upon a time, I would go crazy at the gym, fuelled by coffee, I don’t anymore. It’s not that serious, nothing is. My creaky knees tell me this every morning. Moderation is everything and I’ve decided just a little bit of everything works for me. So, I’ll eat what I want because I can. In June, it all comes to a stop which is where I am now.


I’d like to make this series about celebrating the growing workout culture in Nigeria.


Gyms and memberships are at an all-time high and everywhere I go now, it’s easy to spot people running, and not because SARS is chasing them.


If you are reading this and have been thinking about working out, just started working out, or you are the grunting beast scaring everyone else away from the weights rack and would appreciate some company on this journey, welcome.



Aug 5, 2018