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In 2019, we getting veggie with it.

N. F. Kenure

As the year draws to a close, for many it's time to be contemplative.

What did you learn from the successes and failures of 2018? What will you do differently in the new year? Were you happy and healthy? Isn't that all that really matters? As much as we attach personal success with financial gain, you soon learn that ‘making bank’ is not the ultimate indicator of a good life.

Amongst other things I plan to change in my life, one, as regards wellness will be to go vegetarian. Wait--what?

Why would any self respecting Nigerian give up meat- I’m talking tissue-soft stewed cow leg, catfish in the spiciest broth, isi- ewu coated in extra thick palm oil sauce. Even now my lips are wondering if I'm just being a tease because I can't be serious right?


My Christmas table.


But I am. Come the first of January, I will stay away from all meats, fish, seafood, milk, eggs.etc. for at least three months. Again, why? Because, I can't knock it until I've tried it. Adherents claim a host of benefits that I want for myself; from my skin, my gut to my sleep and general well being. Is three months enough time for there to be concrete changes. Should I keep a journal? I don't know yet.


Last time I was eating some slab of meat and the flesh felt weird, for some reason my brain went, ‘what if this cow had a tumour or cancer, here you are devouring sick meat.’


I have two picky eaters for kids. One pretty much only eats meats and fish and has tons of allergies, the other hates fish meats, eggs, milk has the best skin, and  is the absolute picture of health. Are these things connected? I'm not sure, but I'm willing to give it a try. People like @chakabars may not know how much change they effect but in the years since I've followed his account, I've gradually given up on all tinned/processed food, I don't buy seedless fruits, I check ingredients like my life depends on it because it does.

It will be difficult no doubt but very doable. I've never been crazy about meat. I can go days or more without it. The problem is fish, I love plain fried croaker, pan seared salmon in olive oil and fresh thyme, catfish in banga, the smell of mackerel tomato stew, Chineke nna! But I can do this. My jollof won't be mixed with oil that fried chicken earlier, and I'll survive. I love jollof beans and sweet potatoes, I will eat more spinach, ugu, soko, and water leaf. I’ll up my mushrooms and yams, I mean, there's always plantain. I can do this.


All I know is the older I get, the more I appreciate living a healthy pain free life and if I have to try to give up a few pleasures for long term gain, sign me up.


Dec 28, 2018