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Israel Adesanya is officially the striking god of the UFC!

Adam Blackman

Both Israel Adesanya and Anderson Silva put on a masterful display of striking techniques in the just concluded UFC 234 event. For those who have an idea about combat sports, it was like watching an incredible chess match between two masters.

Adesanya's feints and strikes were crisp and masterful. He almost seemed like he was dancing across the octagon to deliver his payload of hurt. Most times, he scored beautifully. That's not to say that Anderson "The Spider" Silva had nothing to offer. He gave Israel moments for pause with his crafty and elaborate strikes. However, Adesanya was just too much for him.

At the end of the fight, both men embraced one another and Silva could be heard saying, "You are the best! I pass the baton to you. Thank you for everything!". That is probably the greatest compliment that any UFC striker can ever receive. In his prime, Silva was the "god" of striking in the UFC. He did not lose a bout in over 8 years. He knocked out opponents with exotic strikes; elbow strikes, knee strikes, shin strikes... Incredible stuff!

This is Adesanya’s time. All hail the new UFC god of striking!


Feb 10, 2019