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It's time (almost).

N. F. Kenure


Last week I realized it’s almost time for the final leg of my fitness calendar and I need a game plan. Even though I have been inconsistent, I went hard, working out an average of four times a week, really giving it all. Adding High Intensity Interval (HIIT) workouts instead of focusing solely on weight lifting.

 So, what can I do during this final countdown in my quest for abs?

 I have to up my protein intake.  I just don’t eat enough protein. I’m back to making myself eat two boiled eggs every morning but I think it's time to invest in a good protein shake.

Water: Every time people talk about downing litres of water, I try not to roll my eyes. I am terrible at this. I pretty much just chug on my 750ml bottle at the gym and then a glass of water with my meals. So, I will consciously up my water consumption.

Also, I will begin a course of Shaun T’s Insanity Max. Why? First of all, I’m too broke to pay a personal trainer next month, and Shawn T does an amazing job of yelling at me. Plus, it’s "Insanity". If it doesn't whip me into shape, nothing will.


I added swimming to my regime in the last couple of months, but will up it to twice a week.


It kills me to say this but I will not taste any alcohol until my summer holidays begin which means that for the next week or so, its bottoms up. Haba, if I do all this seriously, there should be positive feedback right? RIGHT?


I check online for anything else I could do to increase my chances that doesn’t say stupid things like abs are made in the kitchen. I already plan to cut down on my first love -carbs- and to up my fat intake.


Speaking of eating more fats, recently, I discovered the oddity called “bulletproof coffee” or “butter coffee” and my first reaction was put butter in your what now? How can this be? Oh lord of Israelites, is this the devil trying to derail me as I plan my last push into abdom? I scoured the Internet to ascertain that this is not a hoax and find that people actually put in butter in their coffee with some MCT oil, a coconut oil extract. Of the touted benefits to drinking coffee this way, I am more intrigued at getting a better night’s sleep and not suffering a crash from my coffee high. When I work out, I feel drained by 3pm and yet can’t sleep at night without melatonin, so anything that may level out my energy, and especially, impact my sleep gets at least, a try from me.


I don’t think I’d mind the taste, I’ve always been on #teamfat, the oilier the juicer, which is why I resisted buying an air fryer for the longest time. This sounds like something right up my alley. Butter in my coffee? Hmm. I'm in.


A tiny piece of my brain is worried about my cholesterol. But what exactly is cholesterol, do I want t know anything about this word apart from how to actually spell it?  My Cholesterol is probably good, I won’t worry about it.


If indeed I begin to drink butter coffee, how long can I do this without  having to sign up to join stupid anonymous because this is of those things that sound so wrong it’s silly to even consider it?

I’m not expecting any magic from butter coffee but seeing as it’s a tiny part of my plan... ¯\_(ใƒ„)_/¯


So, expect to continue to not see me in any fitness magazines near you.


Mar 26, 2019