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Meet Obichukwu Oke- Fitness trainer and everyday "Man crush".

N. F. Kenure




Name: Obichukwu Oke

Instagram: 0_b_i_chukwu

Height: 6’1

Weight: 104kg

Years training: 6 years


Q: First of all, you look amazing! Which brings me directly to my first question, that’s why you started working out right? Just so people can keep telling you look amazing.

Obi: Thank you. I started working out because I felt a little insecure about certain parts of my body. My head for one... It was ridiculously massive compared to the rest of my body.

Q: How did you get involved in the fitness industry?

Obi : I wanted to learn more about fitness. Not just the superficial aspect but the anatomical and physiological side of it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find where to get certified in Nigeria.

Q: So where did you get certified? Also, what insights do you have about the fitness industry in Africa?

Obi: I got my diploma in exercise science 6 years ago in South Africa. I would say SA is on par with the US and Europe. There’s great potential in Nigeria though.

Q: I feel like that’s some shade to Nigeria. I know you say you couldn’t get certified in Nigeria but I’m seriously hoping that was years ago and things have changed. 

Obi: I’m going to have to get back to you on that. 

Q: What’s your current training style? And where do you train?

Obi: I do resistance and functional movement training. I’m a trainer at Equinox Sports Club in Washington DC.

Q: Please tell us about your nutrition and diet approach. If you follow a specific meal plan or eating structure, please provide us with details.

Obi: I keep it simple and borderline boring. I have a liter of water first thing in the morning

7am: Breakfast is 8 scrambled egg whites with oatmeal (no sugar ).

11am: I snack on almond nuts and pumpkin seeds.

1pm: I have grilled chicken breast with broccoli and white rice.

4pm: spinach,avocado and grilled salmon.

7pm: grilled chicken breast with asparagus.

10pm: can of tuna.

I have four liters of water a day.

Q: Emm... Emm... Tuna? Broccoli? Pumpkin? Where’s the Eba? The jollof? What’s this life without Isiewu? Is this truly living? I get it, you are a hunk, and not to food shame you, but tell me about your cheat days.

Obi: You forgot ofe akwu, ugba and ukwa... Don’t get me started, I badly miss all of that. Although I have jollof/ Eba occasionally at a Nigerian restaurant (counts as my cheat day).

When you hit your late 20’s, your metabolism slows down. You won’t be able to get away with jollof, eba, yam, beans, etc. all in the same day and not put on weight. In your teens, by all means eat a cow. The scale won’t move.

Q:  Good to know you are human and indulge sometimes. Considering you are a  Nigerian living abroad, do you ever feel the burden of being a representative of your home? Please understand that if you don’t, that’s fine.

Obi: Surprisingly, I don’t. 

Q:  Would you care to expand on this? Are you saying that what you do in Washington, whether bad or good, reflects on only you and not on other Nigerians?

Obi: Nigeria instilled some moral values in me. It laid a solid foundation. However, I’m Obi, who happens to be Nigerian. If I’m making a positive impact, I’ll fly the Naija flag as high as I can but if "shit hits the fan", I don't want another Nigerian to pay for it. I need to take responsibility for my actions.

Q: Okay that makes sense. So, What is the African fitness community like in Washington?  Is there one?

Obi: I haven’t come across any. I’ll keep you posted if I do.

Q: Are you saying you don’t know or see any other Africans in fitness in the DC area?

Obi: I have come across a couple. There’s a fellow Nigerian colleague in my gym who has never been to Naija. He’s keen on visiting this Christmas. Please introduce him to ewedu and goat meat. I’ve done my best with mediocre-tasting Jollof rice.

Q: Yeah, don’t destroy his taste buds abeg. What would be the quickest and healthiest life change you would tell anyone looking to make a change, especially at home in Nigeria?

Obi: Stay hydrated. Drink at least 3 liters a day. The human body is made of 55-65% water. You need to replenish. Flush out toxins. Sodas/ fizzy and flavored drinks don’t count. Just drink plain water. Headaches sometimes are a sign of dehydration. You don’t have to pop an aspirin. Down a glass or two and relax. Hopefully, I’m interviewed again and I’ll follow up with step number two. For now, let’s stay hydrated.

Q: Yes, that’s a good one. Especially in all this heat. Last question. How long do you plan on doing this? What’s the end goal here?

Obi: When I can easily pass for a 50 year old but I’m 80. 

Q: Hopefully, I’ll be around to see that. Thanks Obi.

Obi: You got it!


Aug 14, 2018