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🎬: Netflix's First Animated show from Africa

Joseph Benson

"This is another excerpt from the Animate Africa webinar hosted at Triggerfish in November 2017. Case Study : Mama K's Super 4 Mama K's Super 4, 22min Episodes 2D Animation, Action & Adventure for kids 7 -11years old Mama K's Super 4 is one of the projects from the Triggerfish Story Lab to have received an international distribution deal and development package. Malenga Mulendema, the creator of the show, lives in Lusaka Zambia. Her TV Series was selected as one of the top 4 TV series from the Triggerfish Story Lab in 2015. THOUGHTS ON THE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Having no previous experience in animation, Malenga mentions that in spite of feeling nervous in the development of this animated TV Series, she understands the foundation of great storytelling and that this kept her positive about the project's potential success. She reminds us that projects can always get better, and that the right partners will often assist the creator in mining the concept further. Create a TV Series that YOU want watch. Passion will go a long way in helping you keep your vision for the project while it is being developed. We trust you will enjoy watching her Webinar as she inspires and encourages us to keep true to making African stories for the world. Thank you for watching" - TriggerFish Animation Studio



Apr 17, 2019