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New Year, New goals.

N. F. Kenure

Remember when I did forty nine push-ups? Yes, I start every conversation now with those words. Why not? If I could put it on my resume, I would. And come to think of it, why can’t I?

*did 49 push ups one time.

Anyway I'm writing this because I haven't done 5- yes f.i.v.e. push ups since.  Every time I try, my brain goes you will never do forty nine push ups again, and I stop at three or four.


Goes to show our abilities are all mental.


It’s a new year y’all and I’m working out at night because I haven’t had the opportunity to get to the gym. I just finished a p90x3 video and ended it with a muscle pull at the bottom end of my left rib cage, so I’m dying on the floor of my living room and typing on my phone.


What are  my fitness goals for the year? Maybe finally do ten pull ups? Oh lawd! If I achieve that feat, it’s over for you guys. I’m walking around with a bar to hang on random doorways because I need to “stretch my muscles”.

I also really need to tackle my food. All these working out and the spare tire around my waist consisently gives me a 'Prince' worthy side eye

I’ve begun my new vegan-ish lifestyle, and it’s not horrible. Yet.

After making myself eat eggs everyday last year, it’s been difficult to get out of the habit of reaching for an egg. While air frying beef cubes for my daughter it took the grace of all the gods to keep from throwing one into my mouth.  Then I got some pasta from a restaurant and had to move shrimps out of the way, and it wasn’t as difficult as I thought. But when my friend dangled a fall- off-the- bone- soft, cow leg from her oha soup in my face, before sucking it off the bone, that right there is when I knew the devil really works hard.

I’ve taken a while to warm up to the fruits and vegetables. But I think I did very well yesterday, and today. Hopefully, it’s sustainable.


I can do this.


Jan 11, 2019