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🏋🏾‍♀️:Surprising reasons to work out.

N. F. Kenure

Yesterday I worked out at home in the morning- a P90x3 video.  As much as I love sprawls (while I'm on coffee) and how taxing they can get, at the end of the workout I didn't feel done. Much later in the day, with everyone else in bed, I left for the gym at 9 pm.

When I first began to workout, I did it late at night because I’ve always been nocturnal. If you want me to get something done, please don't ask for it first thing in the morning. The very worst part of my day, is the part where I get off the bed and I stay grumpy all morning.

I don't know why, but I switched to working out first thing in the morning , and it's done wonders for me. First of all, it means I'm done with an important part of my day and can carry on, instead of wondering if I'll get a chance to work out.

Next, it means I have to take a bath. I've always done a minimal amount of bathing, old excuse used to be, I never sweat. (It was true.) Well, I sweat now, so the excuse is no longer valid. And sometimes, I'll actually take a bath two times in one day, which is completely shocking to my family.

I'm also more clear headed. I get a couple of ideas in between sets and I'm only allowed to touch my phone while working out if I have to write something immediately. I've only just realised I've done more writing in the last couple of years than ever before.

Ever so often, I get bored with what I’m up to, but then all I have to do is switch it up. Right now, I'm working on handstands. I've done things I never thought I could do. I never was a physical person and always thought only certain kinds of people could be strong - but now I see why it's called strength training. I remember how excited I was the first time I did a push up, and then the first time I did two. It felt like scoring a last minute goal at a world cup final.

A pull up is the ultimate power move, and even though I haven't been able to get to ten which was my target for last year, I get down from the bars feeling like a badass every single time - even when I barely manage one.

The best thing about working out is the structure. It's the first time I've accepted and liked any order in my life. I know what I have to do after working out and doing that usually leads me to the next thing.

Scratch that, the best thing about training for me, is all the different reactions I get from the men at my gym. I'm going to have to write about all the men and their reaction to my workout. My favorite is the genial man who trolls me every chance he gets.

Okay, scratch all of that, and let me be plain with you all. The best thing about working out is growing increasingly vain because I keep thinking, boy do I look good, and staring at new muscle like a proud mama all day long. I'm not sure I ever thought of myself as a whole meal before, but now, you can't tell me nothing.

My food choices haven't really changed. Lifting heavy means I get away with eating everything I like, but taking note of what I eat enabled me notice the substantial lack of protein in my diet as I've always been all about the carbs. I've begun looking at my food labels seriously and done away with almost all processed food.

So why do you workout? Is it just about losing weight? Should it be just about the weight? I've added about 2.5kg in the last two months which is a lot for me, and I've consciously begun eating more veggies and trimming my carbs, but the other day I thought why do I have to lose it? It’s hard to get the idea out of your head that skinny/slim is the best when thick can be everything and more. So I'm undecided.

Do you do any form of exercise? How often do you indulge? What motivates you to keep at it? Are they internal or external validations? Let’s talk.


Oct 11, 2018