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Video: Mlindo - AmaBlesser ft. DJ Maphorisa

Joseph Benson

South-African🇿🇦 DJ Maphorisa was featured on a futuristic classic song by young talented upcoming S.A act- Mlindorsa,  in “Amablesser.” A touching song about teenage love gone wrong.

A young girl goes down the path of messing around with a “Blesser /sugar-daddy” in order to satisfy all her materialistic cravings. But unfortunately, things don’t turn out as expected. Now stuck in a bad situation, and full of regrets; she decides to open up to her boyfriend about it.  

Without a shadow of doubt, this is a sensitive topic in which a lot of boys/girls would be able to relate to in this generation. The beautiful vocals and soulful keys on the song, make it 10 times harder for one to hold back the tears when watching this video (if relatable- that is).

🎥 The story line in the video brings the song to life in a beautiful way;  helping you apprehend the emotions, without you even understanding the language.

Watch the video, and please leave a comment below. Thanks 😁



Aug 22, 2018