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🎬: 4 Facts about Afrobeat

Joseph Benson

4 Facts about AfroBeat🌎 At this point, African music is on the up and up. More specifically, the West African genre, Afrobeat is ramping up global interest in African Music. This genre of music was developed in Ghana but was made globally popular by a Nigerian musical genius known as Fela Anikolapo-Kuti. He was a maestro and a revolutionary rolled into one dynamic and great persona. He used his music to propagate the idea of black power, to criticize the government of the day and to highlight injustice in his home country and across the globe.

It is no wonder that his music spawned other sub-genres such as Afro-Hip-hop, Afro-Fusion to mention a few. Currently, the next generation has taken AfroBeat to the next level. Popular artistes such as WizKid, Burna Boy, Mr. Eazi, etc. are making waves globally. The music is so powerful that artists that Kanye West, Alicia Keyes and many more are going nuts over it. They are even incorporating this uniquely African style into their work. This video seeks to give you greater insight about the style, where it came from and possibly where it is going.

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Oct 25, 2018