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Ethiopia : Africa's rising star

N. F. Kenure

Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous country, has been in the news lately for all the right reasons. Most recently being the country’s parliament appointing Sahle-Work Zewde, a woman, as President.

Since taking up office April 2018, the prime minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed  has carried out massive reforms that have even been touted as doing "too much too fast" by an editorial in the country.


In less than nine months at the helm of affairs, he has shown that he means to take Ethiopia in a new and progressive direction. Draconian political repressive laws were immediately amended, followed by a large scale release of political prisoners. A four month long state of emergency was lifted and even more impressive, he reached out to Eritrea. By July 8, the two leaders signed a "Declaration of Peace and Friendship" ending more than two decades of war and tension.

Abiy Ahmed scaled down government parastatals from 28 to 20 ministries, and appointed 50 percent of these cabinets to women. Ethiopia like most other African countries is deeply patriarchal, so that this entrustment in women will have a resounding effect across Africa. Although women have had cabinet positions, they have always been minor. Women now head amongst others, the ministries of Peace, Labour, Intelligence, security and defense.

With some stability, investors are expected to return and tourism is beginning to take center stage. So what infrastructure is in place for intending visitors?

Ethiopian Airline flies to more African countries than any other airline; over sixty destinations in Africa.  According to Forward Keys, the travel intelligence agency, Addis-Ababa Bole airport has already overtaken Dubai as the leading gateway airport to the region. The new government seems to be taking a Pan-African approach by starting a visa on arrival for all Africans and  E-visas to all other visitors.The airline has also set up hubs in Togo and Malawi.

Provincial locations are getting new airline terminals and in some cases new airports. There is a new light rail system in place and a revamping and modernising of the old railway between Addis ababa and Djibouti is underway.


Wenchi Crater Lake
Wenchi Crater Lake.


Visit for the rich coffee culture - Ethiopia lays claim to being the birthplace of coffee and is noted for its remarkable ancient  history with architecture, museums and archaeology as documentation. It is rich in diverse cultures and wildlife. The landscape ranges from savannahs to lush mountain ranges and beautiful turquoise hued lakes and is home to Nine UNESCO world heritage sites.



Dec 5, 2018