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🎬: Sugar rush had very little sugar.

N. F. Kenure

I get it, the Wellingtons are Nigeria’s sweethearts. Adesua is pretty, Banky is .. Banky comes off as ‘good’, he has a nice personality. Together, we love ‘em.  But our love for the couple can not negate the fact that this movie was still all gloss. Photography and lighting was amazing, a lot of the action was at night and it was all quite clear. (I’m sorry, I’m apparently  not over having to squint through the Battle of Winterfell.) 


I heard of Sugar rush after it was banned, as soon as it was back in the cinemas I decided it had to be seen. 


When I go to watch these movies, it is hard to go unbiased and I can't swear that I try, but I take a pen and paper to write down my thoughts about what was done well and what wasn't.

 With this one, my  tools didn't even make it out of my handbag because I sat there and watched it all in disappointment.






Sorry o, but aren't we tired of actors in typecast roles? Every single one of them. Adesua Etomi- Wellington was the pretty, classy sister. Bisola Aiyeola was Bisola, which means she did the thing where she switched accents and social class seamlessly. And the third sister was flat in every single way. Tall dark chiseled Mawuli Gavor (Dan) is the prerequisite black candy with a shirtless scene to drive it home for us gals. Williams Uchemba was… How do I say this nicely? Hmmm! I can’t. So, I'll say Uchemba did his thing; the same thing he does in all his skits, play the fool. If you find him funny, hey!


It was all so tiring, but I sat there and ate my popcorn wondering why I didn't take a large instead of medium. I will pretend like the plot holes were not gullies because what's the point? Actually, I'll do one. When orange bearded Anikulapo played by Banky wellington ordered his henchmen to kill Susan and Dan, it was  the middle of the night, but when they actually began to pour petrol on the car and around the pair (they did not pour any petrol on them for some reason) it was day time. Someone in the cinema shouted ‘why is it daylight na?’ and another person actually screamed back ‘dem go buy the fuel come’.


Sugar rush is a story about two sisters Susan and Sola Sugar (Adesua and Bisola) who find about 800,000 dollars at a party with the host and his security detail killed. One more sister, Bola Sugar played by Bimbo Ademoye joins them and the trio must plan how to spend the money without being found out by mobsters who are certainly looking for this large sum. Sola’s ostentatious spending and Bola’s need to stunt on the gram invites the EFCC to look into them .


P.s. This was an action comedy and it got one laugh out of me- and a big one too I'll admit. When third sister Bola farted in fear because there was a gun to her head, the mob boss, Knight’s initial reaction was hilarious.


Veteran Actor Iya rainbow who played the part of mama Sugar was perfect, i.e she wasn't screaming and being overly theatrical.


Should you go watch Sugar rush? If there's a gun to your head, why not?



Jan 30, 2020