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🎬: The Nigerian who owns 3 Airports in the U.K

Joseph Benson

"In our last episode of amazing Nigerians, we featured a Nigerian born medical doctor Olutoye who had operated on a 23 weeks old fetus after which he returned the fetus to its mother’s womb to complete the full gestation period of nine months,a feat which has generated a worldwide recognition of the baby that was born ‘twice’ . Today we are featuring yet another distinguished Nigerian, Adebayo Ogunlesi known as “the man who bought the Airports... Adebayo Ogunlesi JD, the owner of Gatwick airport, London City Airport, Edinburgh Airport all in the United Kingdom. This outstanding first class airports owner is a Nigerian-born lawyer . Adebayo Ogunlesi is a highly-successful investment banker and private equity tycoon. He is the founder, chairman, and managing partner of Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), a New York-based private equity firm, with over $35 billion assets under investment. “Bayo” for short is brilliant, super rich, sound,and highly refreshing whenever he discusses the implementation of his projects. He’s known as “the man who bought Gatwick airport” and his business acumen is world class. In 2010, Adebayo Ogunlesi, through his company, made international headlines when he led the bid for the acquisition of London’s Gatwick Airport from the British Airports Authority in a recorded £1.51 billion deal. The acquisition instantly propelled Ogunlesi, into the global spotlight and earned him a place in history as the man who acquired London’s second largest international airport. . When Adebayo, investment mogul acquired the airport, he promised to make Gatwick a truly first class international airport and substantially improve patronage and the customer experience. And He did it!" - NBNTV



Mar 24, 2019