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Trevor Noah - The man, his journey

Adam Blackman

Trevor Noah is a South African comedian, TV host, political commentator, actor and most recently, an author. Currently, he hosts the popular TV show called, "The Daily Show". He is known for his hilarious wise cracks and tongue in cheek anecdotes. This comic is versatile, insightful and intelligent. A great example of his intelligence was his response to a letter that he received from the French Ambassador who criticised his joke about Africa winning the World Cup not France. Apparently, that particular joke did not sit well with the French. Anyway, being a good sport, Trevor read the scathing letter on his show. His response to the letter was intelligent and epic.

Video: The Daily Show.



Trevor was born in South Africa in 1984 to a white father of Swiss-German heritage and  a black mother of Xhosa heritage. He was born at a time when interracial relationships were frowned upon. In fact, interracial sexual relations and marriage were illegal until a year after his birth. So, his birth was a crime. Hence, he was born into a cauldron of turmoil. He was raised by his mother and his grand mother.

He started his career as a TV personality at the age of eighteen. He also dabbled in a few radio shows before he decided that comedy was his "bread and butter". In 2011, he relocated to the US and became the first South African comic to be featured on "The Tonight Show" and "Late Show with David Letterman". In 2015, he replaced Jon Stewart as the host of The Daily Show.

Trevor - The writer

His book, "Born of a Crime" was published in November 2016. It was widely and favourably received by readers and critics alike. In fact, there is talk of adapting it to film. Casting was successfully completed over a year ago. In fact, Lupita Nyong'o is billed to play the role of Trevor's mother in the movie. She is also going have a directing role. Meanwhile, in the book, Trevor sheds some light on his experiences growing up in a world where he was not meant to exist. He tells a tale of struggle, humour and the triumph of the human spirit.

We celebrate Mr. Noah and hope that he continues to be a wonderful ambassador of his country and Africa.


Aug 24, 2018