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Video: Burna Boy - Gbona

Joseph Benson

One thing you should know about Burna-Boy: He is hella talented! His level of diversity is unmatched. It’s even of “popular belief” that he is underrated, which is ironic. Although, On his new single "GBONA", he takes his fans by surprise as he ventures into the trending low tempo shaku shaku vibe. Judging from his previous records, you can tell that Burna Boy is not the one to follow trends, but also not one to hesitate in experimenting with them.

The "overrated-stigma" on Burna-Boy was lifted after his hit single- “YE” (Off his “Outside” mixtape), which earned him massive airplay and global recognition. Now, Conversely, the question is:  Do you guys think “GBONA” was a good follow-up single after- "Ye"? Considering the fact that the spotlight is shining brighter, now than ever, on him.

Watch the video and let us know what you think.


Sep 27, 2018