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Falz - Le Vrai Bahd Guy (Official Video)

Joseph Benson


WOW!🤩Falz never ceases to amaze his fans! His level of diversity is truly mind blowing. Being multilingual enables him to rap in different languages. (Yoruba, English, French and Pigin)  which captivates the fans every time.

We were first introduced to this side of Falz last year October on- "La Fête" a club hit that had most people speaking French like they understood it 😂😄. This is the beauty of music, it knows no boundary. 

That's why on this New song, Falz doesn't hold back on showing his rapping skills once again in French.

Le Vrai Bahd Guy - The Real Bahd Guy- is a hardcore hip-hop song with a banging beat, and eye catching visuals. The perfect combination indeed.✨🎬🎼

Watch and be thrilled! "Le Vrai Bahd Guy"



Aug 8, 2018