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TLDR; (Wo)man's not hot- yet.

N. F. Kenure

I haven’t done a workout post in a while because I’m dead.

My trainer killed me and this is “hello from the other side”. Every part of my body hurts, it feels like my back is a thousand broken pieces, and over the weekend I kept asking people not to make me laugh because it hurt too much.


Why am I so determined to have abs? What will I do with it sef when I finally get it? Nothing. It’s not like I can use it to buy food. And food is the the only thing worthwhile on this - not- quite- as - green, because climate change is real earth.

I keep thinking to myself, it’s over for you all when the full set of abs come in, I will only wear crop tops, - even to church and funerals- because everyone one must  see the goodness of the lord and testify.


The truth is, I like the fact that my target has been elusive, that I’ve had to keep going for far longer than planned. I read somewhere that happiness is in anticipation, that fulfilment is fleeting. This is true for me. The hold of success is not as firm and it's glow is not quite as compelling.  Ask Thanos, the guy looked bored as hell seconds after snapping those fingers. Anticipation, expectation, longing; these are the cogs that push us through to the other side. Again, hello.


Beginning a new journey, or waiting for the results of a test or an election and the exhilaration that comes with the wait, I dare say, is the very essence of being. With fulfilment, comes the end, and while the point of attaining one's goals can be mentally explosive, as with all explosions, it's always short-lived. I guess like all animals, we are built to hunt and to enjoy the chase. The journey is everything.


All this grammar is to say man’s bod must be hot by June because I’m not playing and I have almost died.


Mar 6, 2019