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Tanzania has it all.

N. F. Kenure

We yell "Africa is not a country" to anyone who pretends to listen, and yet as Africans, how well do we know our continent?

Once upon a time, I refused to visit other parts of Africa. I am ashamed to say, I thought if you’d seen one part, you’d seen it all. Things have changed thankfully, and my family and I have decided to visit one African country every year. Zanzibar has always been on my list of places to go see and in trying to expand said list by researching Tanzania,  I have only just learnt some of the history of this scenic country.

First of all, my ignorant self had no idea Zanzibar was part of Tanzania. Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania. It merged with mainland Tanganyika on the 26th of April 1964. Over a hundred languages are spoken but the national Language is Kiswahili. I am pleasantly surprised to find a government in Africa that is willing to do away with English and make a local language the language of instruction. And Mount Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania too? Where have I assumed it was situated all this while? Tanzania is now firmly in my ‘must go’ list.

Do not be deceived, I and and the rest of my family have no intention of going near Kilimanjaro, we like to see nice large landmarks in glossy print, or at best from a nice hotel with a view. I have no intention of going anywhere near a mountain.

The best part of traveling is always enjoying new cuisine, I am a see it and eat it kinda gal and enjoy the burst of new flavours in my mouth. I have no idea what a Dragonfruit is, but I will find it, and I will eat it. 

Dragon fruit

Old architecture like this is more my scene.

Tanzania architecture

Tanzania offers so many beautiful islands that speak directly to my indolent vacation style. I will not trudge up Kilimanjaro, my family and I will not go chasing any picturesque waterfalls, and as much as I enjoy the way the word ‘Serengeti’ rolls around on my tongue, I don't believe I can be convinced to go see any place renowned for its large lion population. For the "Instagram-perfect" chaser, Tanzania seems to offer a wide range of idyllic landscapes to inspire envious followers. For the adventurous, the lure of the African wild, Kilimanjaro and other lesser known mountains will more than suffice.

Give me a beach, coconut water, a book and wondrous sunsets and let me die in peace.

Tanzania beach resort


Aug 27, 2018